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a new games show of bluff, deception & hilarity,

played by the funniest cards at the festival.

The Festival Spirirt






GAME 28. Saturday 7 April 2007

The first one in the Umbrella Revolution.

WINNER - Claire Hooper (10)
Audience (9), Nicky Talacko (8), Rod Quantock (7), Danny McGinlay (5), Dave Callan (4).

GAME 29. Saturday 14 April 2007

The one where everyone did some interpretive dance.

WINNER - Lawrence Mooney (14)
The Audience (9), Bev Killick (7), Jackie Loeb (6), Dan Willis (UK) (4), Fiona O'Loughlin (3).

GAME 30. Saturday 21 April 2007

The one where the Melbourne audience won (well, tied with Charlie Pickering).

WINNER - Charlie Pickering (14) & The Audience (14)
Eddie Ifft (10), Tom Gleeson (8), Michael Chamberlin (7), Lehmo (4)



GAME 19. Sunday 18 March 2007

The one the audience won for the first time.

WINNER - The Audience (17)
Dan Willis (13), Claire Hooper (11), Daniel Townes (6), Simon (Audience member) (6), Eric Amber (4) .

GAME 20. Monday 19 March 2007

The one where Dave Callan "won", with only 1 point.

WINNER - Lehmo (15)
Audience (14), Cal Wilson (12), Jack (Audience Member) (5), Kieran Butler (3), Dave Callan (1).

GAME 21. Friday 23 March 2007

The one in the Garden Shed, where Dave Johns took the audience hostage.

WINNER - Dave Johns (UK) (12) & Audience (12)
Mark Butler (UK) (10), Hannah Gadsby (7), Danny McGinlay (5), Tom Gleeson (4)

GAME 22. Saturday 24 March 2007

The one with Eddie & Charlie.

WINNER - The Audience (15)
Dave Bloustien (13), Charlie Pickering (9), Eddie Ifft (US) (4), Carolina (Audience Member) (3), Dan Willis (2).

GAME 23. Sunday 25 March 2007

The one where Claire Hooper was grabbed on the line!

WINNER - The Audience (14)
Claire Hooper (13), Jason Chong (8), Danny McGinlay (7), Dan Willis (UK) (5), Craig Egan (2).

GAME 24. Monday 26 March 2007

The one with with all the nice guys.

WINNER - The Audience (9)
Otto Rot (7), Dave Bloustien (4), Jordan Raskopoulos (3), Dave Callan (2), Mark Trenwith (0).

GAME 25. Wednesday 28 March 2007

The sixth audience victory! (from 7 starts at the 2007 Fringe!)

WINNER - The Audience (15)
Cal Wilson (10), Dave Bloustien (9), Kieran Butler (4), Michelle Butler (2), Mark Butler (UK) (1)

GAME 26. Thursday 29 March 2007

The one where Dan Willis finally won.

WINNER - Dan Willis (15)
Rosie Denny (14), The Audience (9), Mario, Queen of the Circus (7), Akmal Saleh (5), Eddie Ifft (US) (0).

GAME 27. Friday 30 March 2007

The one where Fleety came for the clouds on the final question.

WINNER - Greg Fleet (16)
Ben Darsow (9), Fiona O'Loughlin (4), Simon Palomares (4), Jarrod Fitch (4), The Audience (4), Dave Callan (1).


GAME 18. Sunday 10 December 2006

The one at The Famous Spiegeltent.

WINNER - Lawrence Mooney (14 points)

Claire Hooper (12), Cameron Crome (10), Audience (9), Brad Oakes (6) & Bob Franklin (5).


GAME 6. Thursday 13 April

The one about horse urine (Jumentous). AKA The one where Fiona O'Loughlin bluffed.

WINNER - Charlie Pickering (17 points)

Janelle Koenig (14), Danny McGinlay (10), Bob Franklin (7), Fiona O'Loughlin (4), Tom Gleeson (5)

CHARLIE PICKERING, JANELLE KOENIG & BOB FRANKLIN jostled for the lead over the early rounds, with DANNY McGINLAY never far off the pace. JANELLE KOENIG left her run until too late and though DANNY McGINLAY tired, CHARLIE PICKERING never really looked troubled from the turn. Stewards ordered a swab of BOB FRANKLIN, who was pulled up.

GAME 7. Friday 14 April

The one where everyone spoke at once.

WINNERS - Brad Oakes & Jonathan Atherton (Equal first)

Lehmo, Gab Rossi, Rain Pryor, Daniel Townes.

In very heavy-going early, BRAD OAKES, GAB ROSSI & JONATHAN ATHERTON, with Rain Prir sitting back nicely outside LEHMO, with DANIEL TOWNES out wider still. GAB ROSSI checked near the 400. ATHERTON flashed home to all but grab BRAD OAKES on the line. Dead heat for first. Stewards: LEHMO tightened for room on the turn.

GAME 8. Saturday 15 April

The one with the space cake.

WINNER - Bob Franklin (20 points)

Claire Hooper (15), Greg Fleet (11),  Zack Adams (10), Akmal Saleh (5) & Justin Morley (4)

GREG FLEET & CLAIRE HOOPER began well, with BOB FRANKLIN & ZACK ADAMS settling just behind the leaders. AKMAL SALEH looked out of it early and struggled to stay in touch with the main bunch. GREG FLEET loomed as a danger but faded in the final run whilst CLAIRE HOOPER simply couldn't stay with the classy BOB FRANKLIN, who backed up magnificently after pulling up sore only 2 days earlier. AKMAL SALEH swab deemed unnecessary by stewards.

GAME 9. Thursday 20 April

The one which was really close.

WINNER - Matt Elsbury (15)

Justin Kennedy (14), Bev Killick (11), Erik the Dog (9), Lou Pardi (8), Pommy Johnson (2)


GAME 10. Friday 21 April

The one with the insane, drunk, old-woman heckler.

WINNERS (draw) - Tommy Dean (10) & Jackie Loeb (10)

Jeremy Elwood (8), Joanne Brookfield (8), Barry Grogan (7), Erik the Dog  (6)


GAME 11. Saturday 22 April

The one where Justin Hamilton tore off Erik the Dog's balls.

AKA The one where Fiona O'Loughlin bluffed.

WINNER - Akmal Saleh (15)

Fiona O'Loughlin (11), Justin Hamilton (8), Harry Angus (The Cat Empire) (5), Erik the Dog (5) & Red Symons (4)

FIONA O'LOUGHLIN looked determined from the opening question, although JUSTIN HAMILTON and the unlikely ERIK the DOG took the lead early. AKMAL SALEH and ERIK the DOG took off arond the first bend and HARRY ANGUS looked like he might keep with them. FIONA O'LOUGHLIN made her move mid-way, while RED SYMONS struck interference with ERIK the DOG throughout. Winner too good in the end.

GAME 12. Thursday 27 April

The one where a very drunk "Animal" (aka Derek Small, Spinal Tap) got on stage.

WINNER - Yianni (16)

Wayne Deakin (15), Josephine O'Reilly (8), Justin Morley (6), Jimeoin (5) & Cameron Knight (3)

The entire field struck trouble early when self-proclaimed "animal" audience member, who looked suspiciously like the bass guitarist from Spinal Tap, took to the stage. Although YIANNI took a handy lead early, you could have (some would argue SHOULD have) thrown a blanket over the entire field coming into the home turn. YIANNI managed to hold-off a fast-finishing WAYNE DEAKIN at the winning post. JO O'REILLY and JIMEOIN both battled on gamely for the Irish contingent, as did early leader JUSTIN MORLEY. CAMERON KNIGHT looked completely out of his depth and will be spelled.

GAME 13. Friday 28 April

The one where Fleety meant business.

WINNER - Greg Fleet (14)

Lawrence Mooney (11), Kieran Butler (8), Harley Breen (6), Wendy Little (2), Pommy Johnson (1)

GAME 14. Saturday 29 April

The one about Canada.

WINNER - Barry Grogan (11)

Rod Quantock (8), Dave-Umbilical Brothers (6) , Glenn Wool (4), Brad Oakes (3), Shane-Umbilical Brothers (2)

With FIONA O'LOUGHLIN being a late scratching, Emergency contestant, BARRY GROGAN, joined the star-studded line-up. GLENN WOOL got away well, with ROD QUANTOCK and BRAD OAKES not far away. BARRY GROGAN grabbed a break a couple of questions from the end and despite a late flurry from ROD QUANTOCK and DAVE from the UMBILICAL BROTHERS, GROGAN was never threatened.

GAME 15. Thursday 4 May

The one where Claire Hooper came from the clouds to just pip the audience.

WINNER - Claire Hooper (11)

Audience (10), Alison Bice (10), Jackie Loeb (8), Barry Grogan (8), Geraldine Hickey (7), Akmal Saleh (4)

With a new format being tried, the AUDIENCE, playing as a new contestant for the first time, settled nicely behind proven front-runner BARRY GROGAN, previous winner JACKIE LOEB and debutants GERALDINE HICKEY and ALISON BICE. CLAIRE HOOPER sat off the pace and off the radar, while AKMAL SALEH was showing the effects of a long and hard campaign. The AUDIENCE swooped over the final stages, only to be grabbed by CLAIRE HOOPER in an impressive finishing burst.

GAME 16. Friday 5 May

The one where the audience fought amongst themselves.

WINNER - Lawrence Mooney (12)

Erik the Dog (11), Jeremy Elwood (7), Bob Franklin (6), Jason Byrne (6), Audience (3)

(Audience  captain "Renay", replaced in selected side by Vice-Captain "Penny"). LAWRENCE MOONEY looked far more fucussed at the starting gate and signalled his intewntions early. ERIK THE DOG went with LAWRENCE MOONEY early and looked a genuine threat throughout. Import JASON BYRNE found the going difficult at his first start but found his feet over the second half, only the leaders were already gone. JEREMY ELWOOD ran a quality race again but LAWRENCE MOONEY was too determined in the end.

GAME 17. Saturday 6 May

The last one for the 2006 Melbourne International Comedy Festival season.

WINNER - Barry Grogan/Fiona O'Loughlin (16)

Audience (11), Lawrence Mooney (10), Brad Oakes (10), Kent Valentine (2), Daniel Townes (2)

With FIONA O'LOUGHLIN being a late scratching, due to her having to receive the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's coveted Piece of Wood award (as chosen by comics), perennial 12th man and dark horse, BARRY GROGAN stepped into the breach. Carry-over champ LAWRENCE MOONEY continued his excellent form, as did BRAD OAKES and the new contestant, the AUDIENCE, however, even in her absence, it was a night for FIONA O'LOUGHLIN, with her substitute BARRY GROGAN holding off a strong field. STEWARDS: Swabs ordered on KENT VALENTINE. TOWNES'S jockey reprimanded for not allowing DANIEL TOWNES to run on his merits.



GAME 1. Monday 13 March

The one about vaginas. AKA The one where Fiona bluffed.

WINNER - Tom Gleeson (13 points)

Fiona O'Loughlin (10), Charlie Pickering (8), Akmal Saleh, Joel Ozborn, Erik the Dog,

A ding-dong match first up. CHARLIE PICKERING lead early but there was never much in it. TOM GLEESON grabbed the lead a few questions from the end and fought-off a fast-finishing FIONA O'LOUGHLIN, with CHARLIE PICKERING & AKMAL SALEH fighting on gamely. ERIK THE DOG loses a ball. Match referee examines footage involving PICKERING & ERIK, but no charges laid.


GAME 2. Tuesday 14 March

The one where the audience ring-in nearly won.

WINNER - Jeremy Elwood (12 points)

Rosie Denny (11), Lehmo (10), Mikyla Gilbert (audience) (10), Erik the Dog.

LEHMO bolted to an early lead with ROSIE DENNY and JEREMY ELWOOD hot on his heels. Audience member MILYLA GILBERT, doing a brilliant job filling in for late scratching ROD QUANTOCK, with dourstayer also closed rapidly over the final rounds. Anyone could have won going into the final question. ELWOOD snatches it in a thrlller. ERIK THE DOG sporting two new balls. Smaller than previous night's balls (reviewer noted it was a bit cold).


Game 3. Friday 17 March

The one where Bob Franklin blitzed it & Ben Darsow won a cuddle.

WINNER - Bob Franklin (24 points)

Lawrence Leung (14) Zack Adams (13), Justin Morley, Jaymie WIlson, Ben Darsow.

FRANKLIN lead from start to finish in text-book Hoodwinking display. Despite gallant efforts, LEUNG & ADAMS could do little more than fight it out for the minor placings. DARSOW pulled up sore and would have been scorless, except for the awarding of 7 pity points.


Game 4. Saturday 18 March

The one with the drug deal.

WINNER - Bob Franklin (14)

Justin Morley (13), Danny McGinlay (13), Maria Bamford (11), Daniel Townes, Mark Trenwith

Enthralling game with BOB FRANKLIN, JUSTN MORLEY, MARIA BAMFORD, DANIEL TOWNES & DANNY McGINLAY all wearing the leader's jersey at different stages. DANNY McGINLAY looked the winner, coming into the final round, until JUSTIN MORELY grabbed in him in the closing stages, only for swooper BOB FRANKLIN to come from the clouds and grab them both at the winning post. Protest dismissed. TOWNES & McGINALY both return irregular urine samples.

Game 5. Sunday 19 March

The one with the crazy clowns.
AKA The one where the girl put Erik's balls in her mouth

AKA The one where Fiona O'Loughlin bluffed .

WINNER - Rod Quantock.

Fiona O'Loughlin, Jimeoin, Dave Bloustein, Erik the Dog, Wacko & Blotto.

Final night of the Adelaide Fringe was always going to be volatile. QUANTOCK slow to get out of the gates but never lost touch with the leading group. WACKO & BLOTTO gave stewards trouble. BLOUSTEIN blocked for run by clowns. JIMEOIN, leading at the turn, was grabbed by a shrewd O'LOUGHLIN in the shadows of the post but both grabbed by QUANTOCK in a three-way photo finish. WACKO & BLOTTO put down by course vet. ERIK loses both his new balls, but situation saved by fast thinking audience member who popped them in her mouth until paradmedics (Roadside assistance) arrived.

Hoodwinked - The Festival Spirit. Melbourne Comedy Festival

Hoodwinked Melbourne Comedy Festival
Hoodwinked Melbourne Comedy Festival