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A new game show of bluff and deception,

played by the funniest cards at the festival.


Game Rules

Each player writes down what they believe is the correct answer, or more likely, an answer that they think will "hoodwink", or fool, others. Answers (along with name of the author) are submitted to the host. The host reads out all the responses, PLUS the real answer/definition. Contestants in turn then select what they believe is the correct answer. Once all players have selected, the real answer is revealed. Points are given for fooling other players and for choosing the real and often unbelievable answer.


1 point is awarded to each player for every guess his concocted answer receives.

2 points are awarded to each player who chooses the real answer.

NO POINTS are awarded to a player who submits the correct definition.


A player may, as a bluffing trick, vote for their own answer but won't receive a point for choosing their own answer.

Hoodwinked Question Categories

  1. WordWhat is this meaning/definition?
  2. Album/Song Title - Which band released this album/song?
  3. Collective noun what is the collective noun for this animal/item?
  4. Horse – Name the horse (From the names of the parents - Sire & Dam)
  5. Movie What is the title of this film? (From the plot synopsis/TV Guide entry)
  6. Phobia - What is this phobia a fear of?
  7. QuoteWho said this?
  8. Aboriginal Word - What is this meaning/translation?
  9. InitialsWhat do these initials stand for?
  10. DateWhat happened on this day?
  11. Person’s name – What is this person known for?
  12. Statistic – What do the statistics relate to/represent?