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A new game show of bluff, hilarity & deception,
played by the funniest cards at the festival.

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Hoodwinked Host


Marcus Jones (Host)










  Marcus Jones

Marcus created Hoodwinked in 2006, but had has been doing stand-up for 3 years prior, incuding gigs in Edinburgh, New York, LA and over 100 shows all around Australia  and New Zealand, supporting Jimeoin on 3 National tours.

Marcus also appears in Jimeoin's 2005 feature film The Extra as Marko's (Bob Franklin) bouncer and will appear (heavily tattooed) in Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage (due for release February 2007).

Marcus pops up occasionally as guest chef on Jimeoin & Bob Franklin's "The Cooking Show" and had his own weekly “Sports & Mutterings” segment on Talkback radio (3AK with Yvonne Adele) from 2002-2003.

Marcus originally studied drama at Box Hill TAFE and has produced, directed & acted in theatre productions over 20 years. Stage roles have included Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, John Proctor in The Crucible and Oscar in The Odd Couple. In December 2006, he shot a TV pilot for a sitcom set in a Community television station.

During 7 years in music management, Marcus was elected to the board of National (Music Managers’ Forum) and State (VicMUSIC) industry bodies and has been a guest speaker at conferences around the country, speaking on marketing and advertising, touring, emerging technologies and innovative approaches to marketing independent artists (inc Julie O’Hara, still, adam Lachlan, Probe, Maya, Mike McLeish).

Marcus would like to tour Hoodwinked to the best festivals in the world and broadcast the shows to the rest of the world that missed out.

As well as creating, producing & hosting Hoodwinked, Marcus cooks two minute noodles in 90 seconds.

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Alison Ritchie (SCO)

Hoodwinked Assistant Producer, Official Scorer &
Yoga Boot Camp guru.