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The smash-hit game show of bluff & deception,
played by the funniest cards at the festival.




Hoodwinked - The Festival Spirit

Hoodwinked is a game of bluff & deception, played by a gargantuan, all-star, panel of the funniest cards at the Festival, shuffled nightly.  [more]

Hoodwinked sample video:

Tom Gleeson, Fiona O'Loughlin, Bob Franklin, Charlie Pickering, Janelle Koenig & Danny McGinlay concoct definitions for the word "Jumentous" (Melb Comedy Fest '06. 6 mins) - view YouTube HERE or download in VIDEO section.

Photo galleries - HERE

CONTESTANTS have included:

Akmal Saleh - Jimeoin - Glenn Robbins - Bob Franklin - Red Symons - Lawrence Mooney - Lehmo - Fiona O'Loughlin - The Umbilical Brothers - Jason Byrne (IRE) - Glenn Wool (CAN) - Maria Bamford (US) - Charlie Pickering - Greg Fleet - Rod Quantock - Tom Gleeson - Eddie Ifft (US) - Dave Johns (UK) - Dave Callan - Cal Wilson - Hannah Gadsby - Tommy Dean (US) - Rain Pryor (US) - Brad Oakes - Daniel Townes - Heath Franklin - Justin Kennedy - George Kapiniaris - Mark Butler (UK) - Dan Willis (UK) - Eric Amber (3 Canadians) - Harry Angus (The Cat Empire) - Justin Hamilton - Pommy Johnson - Simon Palomares - Bev Killick - Claire Hooper - Otto Rot - Mario Queen of the Circus - Erik the Dog & more!

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Hoodwinked is
now available for Christmas parties & corporate events

Details HERE


"The format is a sure-fire winner... allowed for spontaneous jokes, constant banter and a bit of sledging across the stage and the mix of characters made for a richer show than a regular stand-up gig... Gave the audience an insight into the mind of a joker" (Adelaide Advertiser)

“A-Grade talent... indulging in repartee and delivering quick-witted responses” (The Age)

“The panel dynamic and the personalities of the comedians involved (many of which are high calibre) makes for a different show every night” (Beat)

“really great line ups... great moments to be witnessed... really big laughs” (The Groggy Squirrel)

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